Payment processing is an increasingly complex aspect of business that impacts both the top and bottom lines.  Merchant Account Managers (MAM) was created by the world’s leading payments expert, Patricia Carlin who has 15+ years of experience working solely with e-commerce merchants who operate unique business models including MLM, CBD, Continuity, Trial, Credit Repair, Biz Opp, Coaching, Shopify stores, Debt Collection, Start-ups and other industries who are considered high risk. 

MAM provides ongoing support to ensure your payment operations are streamlined at every step of the transaction lifecycle. MAM works as your merchant account manager and becomes part of the escalation team to ensure you are getting the level of service we expect from your merchant bank partners.

We help merchants like you reclaim lost time so you can focus on your core business and grow your revenue. MAM act as a dedicated payment expert who oversees your merchant account and payment platform relationships. Additionally, we provide chargeback and fraud mitigation, including chargeback reduction plans and advocacy at the bank level. Our goal is to keep your merchant accounts stable and compliant.

“Patricia (Co-founder of Merchant Account Managers) was fundamental in the growth of our businesses for my business partners and I. She took a chance on us and was able to secure merchant processing for our brands. We grew those brands to $100mm+ in annual revenue and it all began with Patricia. But truly the best part about her is the value she places on her relationships and sincerity of care she places with her client base. If you are evaluating working with her. Just do it ✔️ She is the best at what she does.”

– Beau Hale, Co-Founder & Board Member at Midigator®

Why Us? - Merchant Account Managers

You’ve Got An Expert

We know what questions need to be asked and answered to make accurate recommendations that will serve as long- term value-add to your business. After an in-depth review of your business model, any current issues, and future growth plans, our experts will outline, execute, and do ongoing management of the recommended action plan.

Why Us? - Merchant Account Managers

“Patricia is exceptionally knowledgeable about all matters relating to high risk payments. She has breadth as well as depth of experience gained from over 15 years in the sector. She is also exceptionally well connected with the leading payment industry CEO’s/owners so if a problem needs fixing, she can help or knows who to call. If you are looking for expert, impartial advice, and solid recommendations to enhance your payment efficiency delivered in a personable and approachable way, then look no further.”


– Matthew Pitt, Digital Entrepreneur

We’ve Got You Covered

Payment and merchant account providers are in the business to provide merchant account processing and risk management. They typically do not assist with the granular details such as managing chargeback ratios, ensuring data is being passed correctly to obtain the best qualifying rate, and researching emerging technologies that can benefit your business model. It is the responsibility of the merchant to do this. However, there is a huge gap in terms of the expertise needed to manage these aspects of your business on a day-to-day basis. We cover that gap on your behalf.

“Patricia used creativity, industry knowledge, and her network to find a good solution for our organization’s merchant processing needs. We had a unique situation and needed someone who was expert in merchant processing to assist us in finding the right solution and partner. We were very happy with the merchant processing solution which Patricia recommended and implemented for us!”

– David Berlin, Outsourced CFO / Corporate Finance Consultant

Why Us? - Merchant Account Managers

How It Works:

Step 1: Select Your Plan

When you partner with us, your team has unlimited access to a premium merchant account manager. No 1-800 numbers, no hoops to jump through.

Step 2: Connect With Your Expert

When you partner with us, your team has unlimited access to a premium merchant account manager. No 1-800 numbers, no hoops to jump through.

Step 3: Monthly Merchant Account Checkup

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. You focus on your business. We will liaison with your accountant team to make sure they get your merchant account statements on a monthly basis that includes a breakdown of your fees.

If you are having chargeback issues or your merchant fees are increasing, we will work hand in hand with you to address issues that are critical to your business.

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